Smartwatch, an efficient tool or just another gadget?

A connected watch, also called smartwatch, is a watch that has wireless connectivity with technologies such as wifi or Bluetooth. This new object exists since several years but it was not very well known until the real arrival on the market of Apple which proposes since a few weeks its AppleWatch, somewhat criticized but which remains for the moment on the majority positive opinions.

We will therefore deal with this subject in two ways: firstly, we will see the advantages of a smartwatch in terms of efficiency, functionality and practicality; and secondly, we will see whether this object can become essential and indispensable on a daily basis.
The best known and most successful ones run on well-known operating systems such as Android Wear, iOS, Pebble OS and Tizen. Watches usually have a fully touchscreen display. For the moment, they are complementary to smartphones, but the brands want them to become more and more independent and functional; here is a small list of the functions you could use if you own a smartwatch:

  • As with all smartwatchs, you can find the health/fitness sector, where you can measure your heart rate and analyse your sports performance using an integrated pedometer. This sector is the basis of any connected bracelet or connected watch. This is called quantified self and activity tracking, which measures you daily and helps you visualize your performance.
  • Possibility to receive notifications from your smartphone directly on your watch, without having to take it out. It’s complementary! You can also sometimes receive and make calls, read your text messages, emails, go on social networks, consult your photos, find your way…
  • In addition, it is now possible to find applications specifically adapted for smartwatchs, brands that already have applications and offer other features specifically designed for smartwatchs.
  • And last but not least, they all have a common feature: GIVE THE TIME!

Are they really useful?

When your watch allows you to read your SMS for example, it’s good to consult them, but you will have to take out your smartphone to be able to answer them.

Most of the watch’s functionalities are rather easily questionable in the sense that it must be linked to the smartphone in question and lacks a lot of independence.

It is therefore necessary for the brands to work on this “smartphone dependency” side so that the connected watches really play a role in a person’s daily life and are not considered as mere “trendy” accessories but are ultimately less practical than they appear on paper.