Preparing your skin for spring: all our tips and tricks

The first rays of sunshine are present and the trees begin to bloom: there is no doubt, spring is coming fast!

It is now time to gently wake up our body by preparing our skin for the beautiful weather. We have therefore decided today to give you all the essential steps to prepare your skin in spring, as well as our selection of products.

Step 1: Scrubbing

The scrub is an essential step in our preparation for fine weather as it eliminates impurities and dead cells on the surface of our skin while making the skin soft and radiant. In addition, it helps to optimize the effects of the creams we apply because the scrub promotes their penetration.

Step 2: Hydration

We often tend to abandon the “hydration” stage of our beauty routine at the arrival of fine weather because the skin does not pull as much as in winter. This is a serious mistake. Hydration is the key to healthy skin, so don’t hesitate to overdo it!

Step 3: Hair removal

The return of spring also means the return of small dresses and skirts. But to do this, you must of course have hairless legs!
In order to achieve this, the waxing box is mandatory even if it is not always a pleasant step. To make this moment less painful, we advise you to erase your skin the day before removal in order to remove all dead skin. We also recommend that you use a post-hair removal oil to soothe the skin and reduce redness.

Step 4: Hand and foot care

Let’s move on to the fourth stage of our spring preparation: hand and foot care, which we often tend to neglect. After spending the winter with our gloves and stuffed boots, our hands and feet need attention before they can show up. We recommend that you start with a scrub and moisturizer before taking care of your nails by filing them down and applying your most beautiful nail polish!

Step 5: Tanning

Our skin is exfoliated, moisturized and hairless, but one last thing is missing to be perfect: tanning! Don’t have the time or opportunity to sunbathe on the beach? Don’t panic, we have the solution.
Simply use a self-tanner, perfect for a beautiful tanned complexion and a healthy glow all year round. And if you want to perfect your tan even more, you can also use sunscreen dietary supplements that prepare you for tanning.

You now know all our favourite skin care tips and products to take care of our skin when spring comes. And you, what are your essential steps?


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