How to choose the right mustache style?

You are a fervent defender of the beard but you want to indulge in the pleasures of the small well-cut mustache? So why not start thinking about it now to find out which style would suit you best…

It doesn’t cost you anything to think about it, to help you here are some examples of mustache style, to you to see which one could correspond to you, your face, your hair.

Find the style of mustache that suits you best

According to your style

First of all before looking for a mustache style you need to know how to define your own look. Rather relaxed, serious, student-oriented, or adventurous: each personality has a mustache style. Because it is important to know that the mustache will have an identity with your entourage or people who will see you on a daily basis.

Indeed they will see in your moustache the reflection of your personality. But you can also very well disregard this parameter and play it as you want. It is usually in this case that the mustache style is best suited. Only, it is necessary to know that according to the shape of the face not everything is possible (or elegant).

According to the shape of your face

The shape of the face is an important point in choosing the most suitable moustache style. For a square face with fine features, the American moustache is ideal for example. Proof of this is Brad Pitt who lends himself to playing in the excellent Inglorious Bastard of Tarantino with this fine moustache. A controlled look, with a short haircut on the top of the skull, shaved on the sides and a very close shave on the rest of the face. A perfect look for a well-dressed cocktail or an important dinner. For a classic look, you can also opt for an Italian moustache, which usually looks good.

For round faces, we recommend the handlebar mustache or the imperial mustache such as Friedrich Nietzsche’s, which he knew to wear with distinction and elegance. Of course, just because you have a round or square face doesn’t mean you have to stick to a mustache style.

But it is certain that some looks are complicated to pair. To give you an idea of the style of mustache that might correspond to you you can use the BoothStache application on which you can add the moustache of your choice on your favorite selfie.

According to your hair

Of course, and you’ll understand, no miracle possible. If your hair is not provided on this area it will be complicated to find you a style of moustache. In spite of everything, there are tips to make the hair grow faster and in larger quantities. A healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and patience are already a good start.

The English moustache is particularly appreciated in noble circles and gives to those who wear it a very British look. To grow an English mustache, you’ll have to grow it just above the corner of your lips. At the same time you continue to trim the hairs above your upper lip. It’s a long wait, but it’s worth it. When you judge the right moment, you will be able to give it a fine and pointed shape with a fixing wax.

Finally, the Mexican is more vigorous and will please bikers! To obtain it simply leaves a sufficient thickness and length for it to go beyond corners. A style of Machete mustache that you will have to assume!


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