Find out the Best Sharm Tourist Attractions in Ras Mohammed when visiting Egypt & Top Diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea

Ras Mohamed is a nature reserve which is one of the most beautiful and beautiful reserves in the world where some call the name of God’s paradise in the earth because of a lot of charming landscapes and many rare species of plants and animals, whether land or sea, we will learn more about this amazing reserve.

When you visit the Ras Mohammed sanctuary, we recommend seeing a number of excavations that are over 75 million years old and taking a lot of pictures of the landscape and the charming, and we must see the beautiful coral reefs and enjoy the beautiful and different life.

History of the Ras Muhammad Protectorate:

Ras Mohamed is the first reserve to be established in Egypt and officially declared as a nature reserve in 1938, because it contains a variety of important and important ideological systems such as coral reefs, mangrove environment, desert wadis environment, marine weed environment


The area of Ras Mohammed 97 km, but was more attention in 1989, where a plan was developed and steps to develop and renew and expand also to reach about 480 kilometers

The land amounted to 135 km, I coral reefs took the area of 345 kilometers.

The name of the Ras Mohammed sanctuary is named after it. It is located on the map in the shape of a triangular head. The base of this triangle is a series of mountains in South Sinai. Some say it looks like a man’s head. Gulf of Aqaba.

Ras Mohamed is the second protected area in the world after the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Reserve in Australia. It is characterized by blue waters, terraces, mountains and rocks of various colors and shapes. It enjoys moderate atmosphere, fresh air and unique plants such as mangroves, sharks, sharks, Dolphins and trespasses. There are a number of colorful fish, endangered turtles and other coral reefs that are scattered all over the coast. There are many animals and birds, such as Nubian fishes, mountain rabbits, hyenas, Other types of breast And reptiles, and birds, there are gulls, balsions and hawks.


It has 12 beaches and is considered as a destination for divers and lovers of swimming and diving. It is considered one of the most important diving sites in the world for the quality of its marine environment.

There are a number of important tourist areas in this reserve, such as the coast of Suez, Mangrove Canal, the enchanted lake, the Yolanda reef, the anemone city, the eel park and Ras Zaatar.

Ras Mohammed is characterized by extreme weather in the summer and mild weather in the winter

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