2018 Super Bowl most original ads

The National Football League (NFL) final, also known as the Super Bowl, took centre stage on February 4,2018, with a bunch of off-standard ads – and a bunch of stars. Discover the most original spots of the 2018 edition.

$5 million every 30 seconds

Before turning our attention to the most striking advertisements in this edition, let’s take a look at the economic weight of the previous finals with KantarMedia. 5 million: this is the amount an advertiser must spend to broadcast a 30-second commercial at the 52nd Superbowl on February 4,2018. A price that has almost doubled in the last 10 years (+87%), allowing the previous edition to record an advertising turnover of 534 million dollars, notes KantarMedia in its analysis of the evolution of the economic weight of the event. By comparison, the 2016 Olympics generated almost $2 billion in revenues, but over a 3-week period!

And if advertising revenues increase each year, we can see that the nature of the advertisers or spots broadcast varies enormously: between 2014 and 2017, the number of car advertisers increased from 11 to 7, for example, and their investments were reduced by more than 37%, from 113.4 million to 70.7 million dollars. The same for food brands: last year, there were six of them and they spent a total of $22.7 million, which is almost what the two food advertisers of the 2014 edition had spent. Last year, the world’s No. 1 Anheuser-Bush beer company inBev was the leading advertiser of the competition with $35 million spent.

2017 was finally a special year from the point of view of advertising spot formats, 15% of the spots did not last more than 15 seconds, i. e. three times more than in normal times.